Recycled Plastic Bags

We are guided by the principle that „every foil waste, which can be processed should be reused.” Our company is located in the area of the Polish Green Lungs, so for the sake of the environment we operate in the field of recycling, collection and transportation of packages (code 150102). We sort and process our own production waste but also waste obtained from other sources, using them again to produce regranulates and films. We have the power to issue “a waste transfer card,” which allows our customers to be exempted from the product fee (payable to the Marshal’s Office).

Acceptance of plastic waste.

Transport of plastic waste is performed in a specially adapted car with closed bodywork. The waste is stored in a separate room.

Film types sorting.

There are several types of polyethylene foil, such as: LD, HD, MD, PP. Trained employees segregate foil into three groups: colorless, .colour and black.

Milling the material.

Reclassified film waste goes to a special machine – the mill where they are ground and formed into agglomerate. Agglomerate is subjected to granulating process.

Creating a new film.

Technical recycling process allows to obtain a plastic material for the original purpose, ie. granulate, which is used for film production. Granulates goes into the foil extruder where processed with high temperature and air becomes foil.

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