We launched an innovative production line of fully biodegradable film without chemical additives.
We manufacture it from starch and sucrose.

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BioGabo – the material of future

By combining environmental concerns with a desire to meet the needs of the market, we introduce the BioGabo film. This is our response to global trends in packaging which point into the direction of withdrawal and reducing the production of paper and polyethylene.

BioGabo film- unique packaging of your product

BioGabo film serves to produce plastic bags, sacks, warning tape, sleeves, half-sleeves on the individual order with or without print.

Caring for our planet

Through the use of natural ingredients in the production, BioGabo products significantly contribute to reduce the greenhouse effect. Much less energy is required than in the production of paper and polyethylenes.

BioGabo film enables to manufacture 100% environmentally friendly products

Biodegradable plastics allow to dispose waste and unnecessary products by composting. Such materials are almost completely decomposed in the natural environment.