Plastic Carrier Bags

We produce bags made of LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, ecological with the d2w additive and biodegradable. Bags are distinguished by high quality and durability.

Market bag

The most common type of plastic bags with reinforced by folding the foil at the top handle.
There is a possibility without folds the top.
It is produced with or without bottom tap. The smallest size is 16cm (W) x 20cm (H), the largest 100cm (W) x 80cm(H).

Torba foliowa z nadrukiem typu market
Foliowa torba z logo firmy

Handle bag

SOFT LOOP high capacity and strength bags with film tape handles. Handles can be made in variety of colors. The film can be embossed with a simple color printing 1-2 colors, on white foil aple print is used several colors one or both sides.

Torebki foliowe z rączką - z nadrukiem lub bez nadruku
Foliowe reklamówki z nadrukiem typu Soft Loop


T-shirt bags a well known supermarkets type so.called „cashier bags”, characterized by low price and high durability. Sizes start from 18cm (W) X 40cm (H)., up to 40cm (W) X 80 (H). Individaully imprinted on request.

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