Plastic Sheet roll

PE film you can be transparent, dyed in any color, perforated, activated (for printing), with the anti-static addition and UV filter.

The thickness depends on the type and parameters of the foil and can be obtain between 8my till 300my. We produce narrow sleeves from 80mm to 1300mm without folds, with up to 4500mm
Large selection of products with different parameters allows you to adjust the foil to individual customer requirements.
For those who want to distinguish their films we offer logo printing services


Plastic sleeve cut accordingly to the purpose. Thanks to heat shrink properties serves to quick and
packing all kinds of products in bulk packages eg. Bottles, cans, loose materials
It is also used in the wood and metal industry.


The company Gabo has the ability to print on 8cm- narrow sleeve.

Heat -shrinkable sleeve type foil often serve as collective packaging for: candles, gutters, confectionery articles, newspapers.

They are widely used in manufacturing companies (filled in with such products as eg. briquette wood and welded into a bag)

Foil Tape

The heat shrinkable PE tape is a single layer of film wound on the tube. It is used to wrap and protect shipments as the spacer to separate the individual layers of goods, eg. on the pallet. Also it is used in food and cosmetic industry.

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