GABO company is a manufacturer of high quality polyethylene film made of the original or regrind LDPE, HDPE, MDPE. We produce functional and durable printed and eco bags. In our offer we also have a diversity of sacks in different dimensions and thicknesses, as well as warning and separating tapes.


We produce bags made of LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, ecological with the d2w additive and biodegradable. Bags are distinguished by high quality and durability.

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Packaging Sacks

Our printable LDPE, HDPE, PP bags and sacks come in any color, size and thickness, with or without adhesive tape, to be used in various branches of industry, trade and processing.

Warning tapes

We sell ready-made or customized warning and barrier tapes. Our tapes are characterized by weather resistance and high quality.


We offer high-quality film products suitable for packaging various kinds of items. PE film you can be transparent, dyed in any color, perforated, activated (for printing), with the anti-static addition and UV filter.

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